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Brown: Eagle 7s Women Have More Chances to Impress

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Brown: Eagle 7s Women Have More Chances to Impress

Kristi Kirshe on her way to paydirt against Kenya.

Coming out of the first weekend of the Madrid 7s the USA women have some things to fix, but that's the point.

Good enough, certainly, to win it all, but not good enough, ultimately, as the mixture of experienced players and younger players didn't quite click. The Eagles seemed potent on attack but had issues with restart kicking accuracy and in tackle accuracy.

It was, said Head Coach Chris Brown, as good checkpoint.

"Some new learnings, a lot of reminders on and off pitch after being away a long while," added Brown. "While we were missing a number of more experienced players, it was was pleasing to see some of the newer players take some good steps under pressure while also picking up some harsh lessons that you only get on the road with elite competition."

Like giving away momentum with avoidable penalties, restart kicks not ten meters, and over-pursuing on defense. Brown left some of the players on the field after some of those mistakes reared their heads in essence to see how they'd react without leaning on someone else.

"Also, for some of the more experienced players who maybe haven’t had to carry as much responsibility in the past, giving them the opportunity and seeing how they responded was valuable for us as management," said Brown. He didn't say what he thought of their response, but the team has this week to talk about what they didn't do well, and a second tournament to correct it.

"There will be a few changes coming into next week," said Brown. "It was always the plan that all those traveling that are healthy would at least get one weekend of play. One opportunity has now past. Another this weekend as we continue to develop while helping us paint a clearer picture of what that top 13 will look like in June for our final preparation for Tokyo."