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Boys HS Rugby National Championships Scores

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Boys HS Rugby National Championships Scores

Will Fagan photo.

Here are all of the scores from all of the brackets from the 2021 Boys HS Rugby National Championiships.

This tournament was brilliantly run by Bart Bottorff, Joe Sweeney, Joe Fridkin, and the volunteers from the Kansas City Blues. The referees, most from the Midwest and Kansas City area did a brilliant job in very difficult conditions.

Just a few interesting stats:

The seedings did well but not perfectly. #1 seeds finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 

Higher-seeded teams won two-thirds of the time (24-12), but there were certainly some major seeding upsets, with Thunder (a #6) winning the HS Club bracket, and Aspetuck, a #7, finished 3rd.

Here's how the seeds faired (combining the finish of all three teams with a particular seed). Interesting fact, the #5 seeds averaged exactly 5th.

1st: #1
2nd: #2
3rd (tie): #3, #7
5th: #5
6th (tie): #4, #6
8th: #8


Tier 2 Results:

Thursday June 17
11:00am:    Field 1    SFGG 39-5 Phoenix Alpharetta
11:00am:    Field 2    Tempe 28-12 KC Jr. Blues
12:30pm:     Field 1    SD Mustangs 24-10 Vienna 
12:30pm:     Field 2    Raleigh 46-6 Eastside

Friday June 18
8:00am:    Field 1    Phoenix Alpharetta 21-20 KC Jr. Blues 
8:00am:    Field 2    Vienna 31-7 Eastside
9:30am:    Field 1    San Diego 26-12 Raleigh
9:30am:    Field 2    Tempe 39-30 SFGG

Saturday June 19
8:00am:    Field 1    Tier II  7th/8th KC 38-18 Eastside
8:00am:    Field 2    Tier II  5th/6th Phoenix Alpharetta 20-15 Vienna
9:30am:    Field 1    Tier II  3rd/4th Raleigh 15-26 SFGG
11:00am:    Field 1    Tier II  Final San Diego 22-17 Tempe

HS Club Results

Thursday June 17
8:00pm:    Field 1    Charlotte 21-12 SOC Raptors
8:00pm:    Field 2    Fort Hunt 5-20 Woodlands
9:30pm:     Field 1    Genesis 22-31 Aspetuck
9:30pm:     Field 2    Royal Irish 10-14 Thunder

Friday June 18
6:30pm:    Field 1    Fort Hunt 7-19 SOC Raptors
6:30pm:    Field 2    Royal Irish 12-33 Genesis
8:00pm:    Field 1    Charlotte 19-15 Woodlands
8:00pm:    Field 2    Thunder 7-0 Aspetuck

Saturday June 19
11:00am:   Field 2 HS Club  7th/8th Royal Irish 27-10 Fort Hunt
6:30pm:    Field 2 HS Club  5th/6th SOC 0-20 Genesis
8:00pm:    Field 1 HS Club  3rd/4th Woodlands 14-18 Aspetuck
4:30pm:    Field 1 HS Club  Final Charlotte 8-13 Thunder

Single-School Scores

Thursday June 17
5:00pm:    Field 1    Herriman 45-11 Xavier
5:00pm:    Field 2    St. Thomas Aquinas 22-26 Staples
6:30pm:    Field 1    St. Ignatius 10-7 Greenwich 
6:30pm:    Field 2    Gonzaga 33-0 SLUH

Friday June 18
11:00am:   Field 1    Xavier 18-33 St. Thomas Aquinas
11:00am:  Field 2    Greenwich 28-5 SLUH
5:00pm:    Field 1    Herriman 48-14 Staples
5:00pm:    Field 2    St. Ignatius 26-13 Gonzaga

Saturday June 19
9:30am:    Field 2    School  7th/8th Xavier 5-32 SLUH
5:00pm:    Field 2    School  5th/6th St. Thomas Aquinas 8-13 Greenwich
8:00pm:    Field 2    School  3rd/4th Gonzaga 17-14 Staples
6:30pm:    Field 1    School  Final St. Ignatius 17-21 Herriman