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Boys HS Nationals Seeds, Schedule Finalized

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Boys HS Nationals Seeds, Schedule Finalized

Gonzaga vs Herriman from 2018. Adam Smith photo.

The Boys HS Rugby National Championships has confirmed its seeds and its schedule.

To be played at Swope Soccer Village in Kansas City, Mo., the tournament will feature, as always, a Boys Single-School bracket, Boys HS Club bracket, and a Tier II bracket.

Normally about 12 Single-School teams and about 12 HS teams are approved to attend, with those that don't make the top eight going into Tier II. However, this year, the aftermath of the COVID pandemic includes restrictions on some single-school teams in traveling out of state. So it's eight single-school teams and 16 HS club teams, with the club teams not seeded #1-#8 going into Tier II.

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Here are the seeds and schedules:

Thursday June 17

Tier II Games:
11:00am 1v8 SFGG vs. Phoenix Alpharetta
11:00am 4v5 Tempe vs. KC Jr. Blues
12:30pm 2v7 SD Mustangs vs Vienna 
12:30pm 3v6 Raleigh Redhawks vs. Eastside Lions

HS Club Games:
2:00pm 1v8 Charlotte Tigers vs. SOC Raptors
2:00pm 4v5 Fort Hunt vs. Woodlands
3:30pm 2v7 Genesis vs. Aspetuck Valley
3:30pm 3v6 Royal Irish vs. Thunder Rugby

Single-School Games:
5:00pm 1v8 Herriman vs. Xavier
5:00pm 4v5 St. Thomas Aquinas vs Staples
6:30pm 2v7 St. Ignatius vs. Greenwich
6:30pm 3v6  Gonzaga vs St Louis University HS

Friday June 18

10:00am    Tier II    SF
10:00am    Tier II    5th-place SF
11:30am    Tier II    SF
11:30am    Tier II    5th-place SF

1:00pm    Club SF
1:00pm    Club 5th-place SF
2:30pm    Club SF
2:30pm    Club 5th-place SF

4:00pm    School SF
4:00pm    School 5th-place SF
5:30pm    School SF
5:30pm    School 5th-place SF

Saturday June 19

8:00am    Tier II  7/8
8:00am    Tier II  5/6 

9:30am    Tier II  3/4  
9:30am    Club 7/8  

11:00am   Tier II Final
11:00am    School 7/8

12:30pm    Club 5/6
12:30pm    School 5/6

2:00pm    Club 3/4
2:00pm    School 3/4

3:30pm    Club Final

5:00pm    School Final