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Big Clash in Florida DI Women League

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Big Clash in Florida DI Women League

The Florida Women’s DI conference title might be only a couple of weeks old, but it might be decided here and now.

Both Florida International and Central Florida are 2-0, and those two teams meet Saturday.

FIU has defeated Florida State 54-10 and Florida 44-6, while UCF handed South Florida their only loss so far 48-5, and beat Florida 38-7. There’s reason to believe this coming game will be a tight one.

The weather won’t help. The conditions promise to be cold (at least by Floridian standards) and windy.

“We look pretty good,” enthused UCF Head Coach Raoul Besse. “We’re comfortable playing any kind of game, and if we need to keep it tight in the forwards, we will.”

UCF is a big team, chiefly because Besse told his players last year to go out and recruit size. The players were very successful, with Julia Phillips and Sara Karuli setting the tone in the front row. Phillips, though, isn’t even the biggest UCF rugby player in her family, as her sister Sara stands 6-5 and is a power in the second row.

“We play tough and we need to be disciplined,” said Besse. “FIU is kind of less predictable and will move the ball around. Because of that they can be a surprise. It should be a good game.”

Also on the slate, South Florida (2-1) hosts Florida State. USF could well slide into second, at least for a week or two, if they win.

Latest standings:


Florida Women DI College W L T PF PA PD BT BL Pts
FIU 2 0 0 98 16 82 2 2 10
Central Florida 2 0 0 86 12 74 2 2 10
South Florida 2 1 0 49 75 -26 1 0 9
Florida State 0 2 0 20 66 -46 0 1 1
Florida State 0 3 0 30 114 -84 0 0 0