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Belmont Shore Girls Shine at National Sevens Youth Championships

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Belmont Shore Girls Shine at National Sevens Youth Championships

Belmont Shore always looked for room to run. Alex Goff photo.

Belmont Shore exploded onto the scene in the Girls National Youth Sevens Rugby Championships Sunday by beating Rhinos Rugby 17-5 in the final in Cleveland.

Hosted at the fields of St. Ignatius HS, the game wrapped up an impressive run for both teams, who played a wide open, and physical style. Belmont Shore, however, was simply deeper, more athletic, and used their skills better. They had players throughout their squad who were capable of breaking open the game. 

Early on Nila Lolesio-Pua raced in for the opening try. But that 5-0 lead was far too slim. It wasn't until Lolua Tauanu'u cut through that they could relax even a little. Rhino had their chances but the quickness of the Belmont Shore defense and the clarity of what they were trying to achieve was too good.

Khalea Pahulu added the third Belmont try, converted by Lolesio-Pua, and that sealed it. That one came off a tapped penalty that was sent wide quickly. Rhinos covered the edge, but Pahulu came in quickly in support and got the return pass to go over.

The Rhino physicality had seen them through to the final, but it didn't faze the Belmont Shore girls at all, as they simply went about their business of stretching the field and finding room to run.

Rhino didn't give up and scored a brilliant try on a kick and chase, but it was at the end of the game. Belmont Shore had done enough.