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Austin Herd To Host Combines For Adults, Kids

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Austin Herd To Host Combines For Adults, Kids

The Austin Herd is hosting a combine this weekend that will also serve to be an outreach day for young rugby players throughout the Austin, Texas region and a chance for rugby players of all ages to see an international superstar.

The event is part recruiting and part fun day-of-rugby, and is part of the rebranded Major League Rugby team's plan to embrace the community more. And they will get a little help from Sevens World Series top try-scorer Carlin Isles.

There will be a combine for men and women for three hours on Sunday, November 10 at the Round Rock Multi-Purpose Complex in Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin. The adults' combine will be held from 3PM to 6PM. Registration is still open.

Athletes can register here >>

"The combine is a good way to find prospects, and we do find them," said Austin Herd Coach and former USA player Andrew Suniula. "And we've found and signed players this way."

Former Louisville prop Larome White actually was signed by Austin after participating in one of the previous combines.

Players will be put through measurable activities, and some skills tests. They will not be playing rugby; this is only a measurement of skills and physical ability.

Youth Camp

There will be two camps earlier in the day for younger players. Grades 1 through 8 will enjoy a youth day learning rugby and going through some combine activities. Players will receive a card with their performance just for personal use.

There will also be a high school combine.

"It's a good way for kids to get an idea of what a combine really is and what's expected when you want to get to this level," said Suniula. "But it's also supposed to be fun. We'll mix the kids with the Herd players. We'll have a lot of fun."

The Youth/HS combine will be held from 2PM to 4PM at the Round Rock Multi-Purpose Complex in Round Rock. Cost is $15 and kids receive a T-shirt, water bottle, snack, and more. Registration is still open.

Youth and HS Athletes can register here >>

And the big news is that USA Men's 7s team star Carlin Isles will also be part of the event players will get a chance to meet him.