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Atlantis Collegiates Win NY 7s College Bracket

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Atlantis Collegiates Win NY 7s College Bracket

The Atlantis Men's College team won the New York 7s College Bracket this past weekend at Randall's Island.

Top pic, Stony Brook and UConn also showed well at the Y 7s. Bottom pic, coaching legends Jerry Mirro (Stony Brook), and Emil Signed (overall Atlantis Jefe) share observations. Adam Smith photos.
NY 7s Photos. Adam Smith photo.
NY 7s Photos. Adam Smith photo.

The team, made up of players from several college programs around the country, was coached by Joe Kelly, as well as injured Penn State player Joe Kelly Jr., and Omar Rivera. Not surprisingly, several athletes who played for the senior Kelly at Greenwich HS came back to suit up for their old coach. Eight former Greenwich players, plus two Play Rugby USA alumni, and former players from Ridge Rugby and Fairfield Prep, made up the team.

These players have played with and against each other for years.

Atlantis came together on the day and had to figure out how to make a team out of 12 players from 12 different schools. The first game was against New Blue, and the Atlantis squad started out looking as if they'd been practicing for days beforehand. A nicely unified performance saw Atlantis win 36-5. 

The next game was Mitchell College where the players started really working together with a 55-0 victory. The final pool game brought a well trained Stony Brook 2nd team, but Atlantis was on a roll at that point and won 50-0.

In the semifinals, Atlantis took on the well-regarded McGill University out of Montreal. No problem there, as Atlantis won 31-5. So then it was a final against a solid Stony Brook 1st team. Stony Brook won their pool games 38-0 over King's College, 21-5 over UConn, and 22-0 over McGill. In the semis, the Seawolves slammed Bew Blue 27-5. 

So on to the final, with Jerry Mirro's Stony Brook team just a week from their last 15s game, and Kelly's Atlantis team still coming together. In the closest game for both teams, Atlantis pulled away late to win 24-12.

New Blue took 3rd (the Plate) over McGill. Connecticut took the Bowl over King's College 31-0.  

Men's College scores, 2016 NY 7s
B McGill 24 UCONN 7
B Stony Brook I 38 King's College 0
A Stony Brook II 10 Mitchell College 15
A Atlantis 36 New Blue 5
B McGill 38 King's College 0
B Stony Brook I 21 UCONN 5
A Stony Brook II 5 New Blue 19
A Atlantis 55 Mitchell College 0
B King's College 7 UCONN 31
B Stony Brook I 22 McGill 0
A Mitchell College 0 New Blue 45
A Atlantis 50 Stony Brook II 0
BOWL SEMI Mitchell College 0 King's College 15
BOWL SEMI Stony Brook II 5 UCONN 29
CUP/PLATE SEMI Atlantis 31 McGill 5
CUP/PLATE SEMI New Blue 5 Stony Brook I 27
BOWL FINAL UCONN 31 King's College 0
PLATE FINAL New Blue 21 McGill 17
CUP FINAL Atlantis 24 Stony Brook I 12


Atlantis Roster

Greg McTiernan – St Joes

Rob Irimescu – Penn State

Erik Tack – Maryland 

Luke Bienstock – Dartmouth

Gardy Lebon – Navy

Ryan Hercules – Life

Jack Weigold – Cal

Bryce Stanback – Iona

Jack de Pootere – Providence 

Kamari Charles – NY College of Tech

Soh Nakayama – Kaio U Tokyo

Scott Atkinson – Ohio St