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ATAVUS Launches Football Program

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ATAVUS Launches Football Program

Left to right, Waisale Serevi, co-founder of ATAVUS, Pete Carroll, Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Rex Norris, Head of Football for ATAVUS.

SEATTLE (ATAVUS Release) – In response to American football’s evolution to a game of greater speed and spread offenses, and the sport’s increased call for safety in tackling, Seattle-based ATAVUS (atavus.com) has launched ATAVUS Football. By applying Rugby principles to collegiate, high school and junior Football programs ATAVUS aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the tackle. ATAVUS’ consulting program manages tackle-specific drill progressions across off-season, pre-season and in-season segments while also introducing sophisticated measurement tools.

In August of 2011, ATAVUS and its co-founder Waisale Serevi forged a relationship with Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks during one of the company’s early High Performance Rugby Camps. Since then, ATAVUS has been developing its Football programming in conjunction with ongoing efforts to grow and expand the game of Rugby in North America.

“Our friendship with Waisale Serevi and his team is a treasured relationship for us. They’ve certainly helped us a ton in our efforts to improve our tackling and make our style of play better and tougher,” said Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll. “We are tackling better than ever because of the things we’ve learned from Wais and his team at ATAVUS.”

Earlier this year, ATAVUS hired Rex Norris, Jr. as Head of Football to lead the company’s tackle consulting efforts. Norris, Jr. grew up in football with a father that coached for five NFL teams and under Barry Switzer at Oklahoma and Johnny Majors at Tennessee. As a longtime Football and Rugby coach, Norris, Jr. helped built Kentwood (Wash.) High School into a perennial powerhouse while also making the Kent Crusaders Rugby Program one of the best in the nation.

“By taking a comprehensive look at contact in and around the tackle, we are building the most complete tackling and educational resources for coaches of all levels across the United States,” said Norris. “We are creating a new culture for the expectations of tackling, giving athletes the confidence needed to react more instinctively to their surroundings.”

Backed by a robust technology platform, ATAVUS’ consulting services provide Football coaches onsite and remote assessment, coupled with the development of specific Tackle Plans comprised of:

An introduction to five core drill types;

  • Periodization of a Tackle Plan across off-season, pre-season and in-season;
  • Sequencing of and time allotments for the drill types within each defined period; and
  • Analysis of teams' tackling programs over time 

Norris and the ATAVUS Football team are currently working with a number of select university, high school and junior programs in a consultative and collaborative process. Coaches interested in learning more can visit atavus.com/football and fill out the inquiry form to hear back from an ATAVUS coach with further information.