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Asptuck Holds Off Fairfield Prep Comeback

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Asptuck Holds Off Fairfield Prep Comeback

Larell Biggs charges ahead for Aspetuck. Photo @CoolRugbyPhotos.

In a meeting of two top Connecticut sides, Aspetuck defeated Fairfield Prep 33-27 Monday evening.

Aspetuck overcame plenty of penalties to win the game, getting two tries from Jaden Seabrook and two also from Keane Horne.

Joel Garcia added a try, Jack Decker added a conversion, and Horne added three to make his personal haul 16.

Aspetuck sped out to an early lead only to see Prep fight back to get within a score.

Appropriately the game ended with the result in the balance. Fairfield Prep was threatening inside the Aspetuck 22. Prep, however, lost the ball forward, Aspetuck nabbed possession and kicked to touch to end the game.

Aspetuck Head Coach Ray Weiner was moderately pleased with the performance. Aspetuck has rarely, and perhaps never, this season, had their top lineup of 15 players. The result has been good in one way—other players are getting valuable experience. But his side is also not able to exist as a unit.

"We have good talent; we have some explosive backs. We just need to understand our responsibilities better," Weiner told GRR. "We're missing four to five starters every game. It's frustrating. If I get full commitment, we can be really good."