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ARPTC To Hold Virtual Summer Program

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ARPTC To Hold Virtual Summer Program

Details on the ARPTC Virtual Camp.

The American Rugby Pro Training Center (ARPTC) is set to host its first virtual training program of the summer.

COVID-19 restrictions landed rugby programs, athletes, and the globe in a whirlwind of drastic changes this spring, many of which will continue throughout the summer months. In an effort to maintain the growth of rugby and athletes’ ability to train hard, ARPTC has created an online platform and training program for High School athletes across the United States.

ARPTC’s Virtual Summer Program offers athletes a full scale, at home training program beginning July 1. Once enrolled in the program, athletes have access to six education modules that cover all aspects of the game, fitness, and skill development. Programming is offered on two levels, Basic and Advanced. The Advanced package provides athletes with individualized development plans and video analysis to support skill growth, in addition to a training package and educational workshops. 

In-person rugby programming at the High School level is replaced by ARPTC’s Virtual Summer Program, providing athletes with connections to top tier coaching staff and ongoing skill development while remaining at home. With a start date fast approaching, High School rugby athletes are encouraged to register early. July 1st marks the first day of the ARPTC Virtual Summer Program.

Visit americanrugbypro.com or email Ryszard Chadwick (ryszard.chadwick@americanrugbypro.com) for more information regarding programming and registration.