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Are We Going To Get What We Want With WNT?

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Are We Going To Get What We Want With WNT?

David Barpal photo.

The USA Women's 15s team may not be getting all it deserves, but it might get a little bit more when we're all back playing.

According to some sources, World Rugby is actually working on a plan that will set up the USA 15s WNT for regular annual competition. Lack of funding, and lack of a cohesive calendar have gone hand-in-hand as problems for the Eagle women's 15s team.

Our commentary in the video above touches on the competition and financial issues with the WNT 15s. But that might be addressed. And with the advent of the XV Foundation, formed to fund the WNT 15s, as well as all the national teams getting their own, separate bank accounts, the WNT 15s will have a bit more agency. 

So will all the issues of transparency be solved? Maybe not. But if World Rugby comes through with funding (the Eagle women's 15s do not receive any World Rugby grant money at the moment) and with a regular competition each year that could lead to a trophy and help with the rankings, the Eagle Women may have something better to look forward to when we get back on the field.