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Are Major League Rugby Teams Recruiting at HS Nationals?

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Are Major League Rugby Teams Recruiting at HS Nationals?

Penn State Head Coach Justin Hundley, DC Old Glory Development Chief Tim Brown, and Central Washington Head Coach Todd Thornley. Alex Goff photo.

College coaches at the HS National Championships to recruit? That makes sense. But Major League Rugby? Yes, maybe.

Coaches from Penn State, Central Washington, Marian, Iowa Central, Regis, Arkansas State, Arizona, and many more were seen at HS Nationals, talking to coaches and letting players know they were around.

But we also saw Tim Brown from DC Old Glory of Major League Rugby and in the end that makes sense. There are American rugby players in Major League Rugby (and the Eagles) who opted not to attend college, or didn't graduate. Sometimes that's a rugby decision, sometimes it's a profession decision (some professions don't require a degree), and sometimes it's just a decision(they're not happy at college).

But those young players still need a place to go and play. It might be amateur clubs (and we at GRR are proponents of young players playing club rugby), but it could be MLR Academies. Brown was talking about that—finding players who aren't thinking college ... just yet ... and still want to play a high level of rugby. MLR recruting at HS Nationals? Yes, absolutely.