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Aquinas Downs Kingfishers in Kansas

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Aquinas Downs Kingfishers in Kansas

Top players from each team got jerseys and ... hats (?).

St. Thomas Aquinas defeated Kingfishers 33-7 Saturday in a big match between well-regarded Kansas school teams.

Payton Ptasnik and Nick Jurczak were named players of the game. 

In the B-side match, Aquinas won 43-10 and were led by Chris Glenn and Austin Turner.

"They are some hard farm boys and tackling fools who never, ever quit," said Aquinas Head Coach Tim Kluempers about the Kingfishers team. "They definitely stretched us. But our boys played really, really hard, kept after it, kept working hard, and put pressure on them."

Ptasnik was excellent with the ball in hand and kept it flowing from inside backs to outside, and he made some excellent tackles as well. Meanwhile, Jurczak was superb at scrumhalf.

"Not one ball from him was a bad ball," said Kluempers. "He had great passes all day long. He commanded the boys well, and moved the defense out so we could stay spread. Payton helped us stay connected in the backs and he put them under pressure. Overall we moved the ball ball better than I’ve seen us do that."