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Apply to Girls HS Nationals!

HS Girls

Apply to Girls HS Nationals!

The 2017 National High School Girls Championships is looking for applicants for the 2017 tournament.

The tournament is for high school clubs and for single-school rugby teams, for girls, and will be held at the Moose Rugby Grounds in Elkhart, Ind. May 19-21. The tournament will involve two days of competition for every team. The HS Clubs will play two shortened games on Friday, and final games on Saturday. The single-school teams will play two shortened games on Saturday, and finals on Sunday.

Last year, the Sacramento Amazons defeated Fallbrook to take the HS Club title, and St. Joseph's Academy won the single-school title.  

Teams apply to be invited - showing their willingness to commit to the tournament, and providing proof of the team's success over the years. A panel of coaches then selects and seeds the participants.

To apply for single-schools, go here.

For more on the HS Clubs competition, go here.