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All-Time American List: Rudy Scholz

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All-Time American List: Rudy Scholz

Rudy Scholz.

Rudy Scholz had such an impact on the game that his name adorns the award for the top men's college player in the US.

A graduate of Santa Clara University, where he played rugby, Scholz was a decorate veteran of World War I, and then returned to Belgium and France as part pf the USA Olympic rugby team in 1920 and 1924.

The scrumhalf and emotional sparkplug of the team, Scholz helped the USA to two gold medals. He was a superb rugby player, and dedicated. He played rugby into his 80s and is an excellent representative of the American game—brave, aggressive, physical, smart, and tenacious.

He went on to be a decorated veteran of World War II, and successful in his professional life as well. He was an excellent rugby player on an excellent team, and one of the heros of the American game in the early 20th Century. 

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