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All-Time American List: Pam Kosanke

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All-Time American List: Pam Kosanke

Pam Kosanke with the USA 7s team in San Diego in 2008. Ian Muir photo.

Pam Kosanke was a standout for the USA in 15s and 7s, playing 11 times for the Eagle 15s over the course of eight years.

Kosanke was a center in 15s, excellent in defense and able to break away with acceleration and an ability to break tackles. Her 62 points in test matches is the 9th most all-time among women 15s Eagles. She scored three tries in the 2006 Rugby World Cup as the USA finished 4-1 and 5th.

As a 7s player Kosanke appeared in 17 tournaments for the USA as well as several tours for Atlantis, a team she captained. She was part of the team that finished 3rd in the 2009 Rugby World Cup 7s and played in the Hong Kong 7s seven times

A strong goalkicker and excellent leader, Kosanke was central to the Chicago North Shore club and the Midwest Thunderbirds select side for 12 years. She was captain of both of these teams and led the Midwest to two 15s all-star championships (earning MVP honors in 2003) and one in 7s. In her final year of play she led North Shore to a national DI championship.

Throughout her career Kosanke epitomized what we've seen in many of our All-Time Americans—talent combined with bravery combined with hard work and a willingness to change and adapt and shift. Kosanke could be a playmaker, a power runner, excel in a a defensive-minded role or be the center of it all. 

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