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All-Time American List: Jerry Walter

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All-Time American List: Jerry Walter

Jerry Walter accepts the trophy for the BATS winning the 1975 Golden Gate tournament. Photo Rugby Magazine.

Jerry Walter was the fullback on the hugely successful Cal tour of Australia.

A superb punter of the ball and also a thundering tackler, Walter was critical to Cal's ability to turn pressure around on their opponents. The Cal team surprised everyone by going 5-2-2 on the tour, showcasing a knowledge of rugby their opponents didn't expect and a physicality they weren't quite prepared for.

Walter went on to play for the Olympic Club and pursued the game well into the 1970s. At 34 in 1978, as a center, he toured with the Bay Area Touring Side to England, Wales, Italy, and the USSR. He represented the BATS, Bay Counties, Northern California, and the USA Cougars, and toured all over the world with various teams. He died early last year, but left behind a grand legacy for rugby players who rose to prominence before there was a USA national team, or even a USA Rugby Union.

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