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All-Time American List: Don Guest

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All-Time American List: Don Guest

Don Guest part of the 1978 BATS touring side.

Don Guest was an athletic wing for Cal in the 1960s and 1970s and continued to play at the highest level years after.

A relatively big wing for his time (5-11, 185), Guest was multi-skilled—he set a Cal football record for longest punt return ever with a thumping 108-yard effort—and was a key part of a very successful University of California tour of Australia in 1971.

Guest went on to represent the USA twice, just at the beginning of the Eagles' modern era when the team was lucky to play two games a year. He also represented the Bay Area Touring Side (the BATS), the Northern California Pelicans, and the Pacific Coast Grizzlies. He toured Romania, England, Wales, Italy, and the USSR with the BATS, and toured England and Ireland with the Olympic Club.

The photo above is taken from the BATS 1978 tour program. Thanks to David Hodges for getting this to us.

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