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All-Time American List: Danny Barrett

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All-Time American List: Danny Barrett

Try time against France in LA. David Barpal photo.

Danny Barrett's genuineness coupled with how hard he plays has made him one of the most popular rugby players in US history.

The Northern California product, who played as a kid with SFGG and went on to be a national champion at Cal always seemed to be comfortable with himself, and that appealed to fans. What also appealed was his ability to create something out of nothing—a skill which produced game-changing tries for Cal, and also for the USA Selects before he became a full international.

As a 15s player, Barrett was dynamic and exciting, but it was as a 7s player that be became a star. His rumblin' stumblin' runs and power steps through tacklers—he seemed to seek them out just to sit them down—had fans on their feet and the USA winning games. When he made tackles and cleared out rucks against South Africa after breaking his arm in Las Vegas made him a legend.

In a way, Barrett is a throwback. He doesn't really have a polished public persona. He doesn't really care what people think of him. And embraces the contact. As he has said before, "if someone is going to try to tackle me, they're going to get a hip, a shoulder, or an elbow."

There isn't really another player on the Sevens World Series quite like Danny Barrett, and that's just the way we like it.

Danny Barrett World Sevens Series Stats:

Games: 277
Tries: 92
Conversions: 2
Yellow Cards: 10 (12th most among all players)


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