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All-Time American List: Bob Causey

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All-Time American List: Bob Causey

USA team 1977. Causey is in the middle in the back with the headband. Photo Rugby Magazine

The looming, hulking lock from Louisiana, Bob Causey gave his entire adult life to the game he loved.

Of course, he's not in this list because he coached and coaxed along the LSU program for over ten years and for almost 200 wins. No, here's here because he could play rugby. Captain and best player of LSU in the early 1970s, Causey was an old-school lock who pummeled first asked questions later. He did it all with a smile and a somewhat laconic bayou tilt of his head.

He played for the East and the South, and was capped eight times by the USA, including once at the Rugby World Cup. But getting a lot of caps wasn't so easy in the early days of the USA RFU. Big Red instead made his ferocious intensity known in all-star and club competitions throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He was a leader, a fun guy, and a physical force. As his former teammate Jack Breen says in his US Rugby Hall of Fame entry, "[Causey] did the gritty jobs in the rucks, mauls, and scrums and was a ferocious tackler. In the line outs he was nearly unstoppable. Bob played with passion and always put the team first. He shared the ball and always did more than his share of hard work that binds a team together.”

He was inducted into the US Rugby Hall of Fame in 2019 and really earned his place in the Hall of Fame twice, once as a player and once as a coach.

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