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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Malon Al-Jiboori

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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Malon Al-Jiboori

Maybe genes have something to do with it, but he’s got work to do, as well.

Malon Al-Jiboori may have a Collegiate All-American brother in Oklahoma University’s Michael Al-Jiboori, and with that comes a propensity toward speed, power, size, and some rugby acumen as well.

the young Al-Jiboori is a central player for the Union U19 team in Oklahoma, and will be getting a chance to see what else he can do as he joins the HS All Americans in Las Vegas for the Boys Elite 7s presented by Serevi at the LVI this week.

Salty Thompson has picked the 6-3, 225-pound No. 8 for the 7s team even though Al-Jiboori might not fit the profile.

“He might be a bit of an experiment, but a lot of guys are, and we’ve had experiments before,” said Thompson. “But he brings so much up-side. He’s just a powerful kid who gets us go-forward. That’s what we’ll look for from him.”

As for Union, Al-Jiboori says he’s excited about this season.

“We look good,” he told Goff Rugby Report. “Most of are team including me were first year players last season, so we have a bit more experience this year.”

Watch out for Union and Malon Al-Jiboori, our Aircraft Charter Solutions Player of the Week, this season.