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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Donovan and Logan Ronan

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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Donovan and Logan Ronan

Logan and Donovan Ronan compete in everything - they wrestle, they fight, they race, they see who can eat the most - they compete in everything, except one thing - rugby.

Even then, they do compete when it comes to who can train harder, who practices better, but the twin brothers and flanker for 5-1 Regis Jesuit are the consummate teammates on the field.

“They have completely embraced the team ethic we have,” said coach Brian Normile. “To the point of offering up a starting spot so another player could get a start they felt he deserved. They don’t care about glory, or scoring tries. They care about making tackles, wining rucks, and getting up and winning another ruck.”

Ronan BrothersBoth Logan and Donovan are wrestlers. Donovan qualified for the Colorado state tournament three times, but is quick to point out that while Logan only qualified twice, he finished 4th in the state twice, something Donovan did not do.

“Wrestling really helped us as rugby players,” said Donovan. “The contact - tackling, taking guys to the ground, rucking, it really helped. Ball skills were harder for us.”

The two Ronans got started playing rugby because their older brother, Reed Ronan, played at Regis. Reed is now a sophomore at Loyola in Chicago, and captain of the rugby team.

“We are so proud of him, and he’s the reason we wanted to play,” said Logan.

They seem to be proud of each other, too.

“Out on the rugby field we protect each other,” said Logan. “It’s kind of how we see the whole team. We’re a better team because we care about each other and see the team as a brotherhood. Knowing your teammates are protecting you gives you more power to play the game.”

“Our team works well because we all know our job and we do our job for each other,” echoed Donovan. “Our forwards work to get good clean ball because we know the backs are going to take care of business.”

The two flankers are a central part of Regis Jesuit’s solid season so far, and when they graduate the partnership won’t end. Both have committed to play rugby at Oklahoma, and recently returned from a visit there.

“We’re really excited to be a part of what that program is building,” said Donovan. “We’re going to go there together, study, play rugby, and give it all we’ve got.”

Seems like they do that a lot.

Donovan and Logan Ronan are our Aircraft Charter Solutions co-players of the week.