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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Aaron Matthews

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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Aaron Matthews

There was a moment during the Southern California HS club final when Aaron Matthews just took control.

With his Back Bay team trying to come back from a halftime deficit, and every decision, every point seemingly more and more crucial, Matthews scored a key try on a quick tap when he saw not enough LA players were paying attention, and kept everyone on an even keel as Back Bay came back to win.

“We are just blessed to have him as a leader and a player,” said Back Bay Coach Jeff Bonnett.

Matthews was a HS All American last year, despite being a shade undersized as a center. Strong, fast, and elusive, he was a key part of the Back Bay club and Southern California select side. This year, as he’s grown to 5-11, 190, he’s even more productive.

“I’ve noticed a difference being a little bigger - maybe harder to stop,” Matthews told Goff Rugby Report. 

But all of that doesn’t matter if you’re not part of a team. The true success for Matthews can be measured in the success of his team and his teammates.

“We had a tough final against Los Angeles. LA and Fallbrook were our toughest opponents,” he said. “Penalties hurt us and we just said we have to improve on that. We gave up zero penalties in the second half and that was a big different. They had some big players, and they got some go-forward, so I think our guys on defense were trying to get a head start to stop them and going offside. Once we fixed that we were a lot better.”

Matthews said he was able to find some space, but a lot of that has to do with who is around him.

“I’ve got Travis Heer and Adam Channel with me and I can make a decision whether to do with one or the other or keep it. It’s great to have them there with me.”

Now a SoCal champion, Matthews has he eyes set on an all-star title. Southern California came second in the Great Northwest Challenge in 2014. This year they are looking to wrest that tournament away from the Washington Loggers. 

If they do, it’s likely Aaron Matthews, our Aircraft Charter Solutions Player of the Week, will have a lot to do with it.