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ACRC Bowl Series Honor Roll

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ACRC Bowl Series Honor Roll

UMass Honor Roll players, left to right, Mike Ruther, Joe Jenkins, and Joe Hastry. Tracy Griffin photo.

After each game of the ACRC Bowl Series in Charlotte, NC (and the one game in New Rochelle, NY), awards were given for co-players of the game (three for each winning team, and two for each losing team).

That list makes up the ACRC Bowl Series Honor Roll, sponsored by Boathouse Sports. At least one player from every position is listed (although there is only one hooker). Not surprisingly, the most common positions named are No. 8 (11 picks) and center (8). There were also seven props named, which is a bit more of a surprise. Five locks, five flankers, four wings, four flyhalves, three fullbacks, and two scrumhalves also received honors.


ACRC Honor Roll Position
Deshae Edwards - AIC Wing
Jamal Hadley - AIC Prop
Jihad Khabir - AIC Flyhalf
Zach Carmello - Alabama Flanker
Matt Schick - Alabama No. 8
Tom Edwards - Boston College No. 8
Danny Schatzman - Boston College Center
Tom Whitham - Boston College Wing
Tom Sand - Cincinnati Scrumhalf
Gabe Shirkey - Cincinnati Flanker
Jason Damm - Clemson No. 8
Ryan Gilroy - Clemson Lock
Thomas Abram - Delaware Flyhalf
Michael Gorman - Delaware Flanker
Chris Mattina - Delaware Fullback
Bryce Campbell - Indiana Center
Tyler Graham - Indiana Center
Teddy Terezis - Indiana Wing
Michael Scarcella - Iona Center
Evan Staikos - Iona No. 8
West Hartmann - Kutztown No. 8
Johan Van Wyk - Kutztown Prop
TJ Dixon - NC State Hooker
Patrick O’Shea - NC State Flanker
Michael Bliss - North Texas Center
Cade Carter - North Texas No. 8
Cory Dawson - North Texas Prop
Alec Janotska - Notre Dame College Prop
Roneil Reynolds - Notre Dame College Wing
Khalil Williams - Notre Dame College Prop
AJ Iadisernia - Rutgers No. 8
Keith Wallace - Rutgers Fullback
Sam Brennan - South Carolina Lock
Michael Rudzinsky, South Carolina Flyhalf
Kyle Ciquera - St. Bonaventure Prop
Jordan Farrant - St. Bonaventure Center
John Sullivan - St. Bonaventure No. 8
Phil Salter - Stony Brook No. 8
James Sheridan - Stony Brook Lock
Shane Wend - Stony Brook Center
Angus Bishop - Syracuse No. 8
Jake Smith - Syracuse Flanker
Collin Thul - Tennessee Prop
Nicholas Duklewski - Tennessee Flyhalf
Kerry Roberts - Tennessee Lock
Joe Hastry - UMass Flanker
Joe Jenkins - UMass Center
Mike Ruther - UMass Lock
Simba Chirara - Western Michigan No. 8
Ryan Loupee, Western Michigan Fullback