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ACRA Cancels Fall 15s Championship For 2020

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ACRA Cancels Fall 15s Championship For 2020

ACRA represents, at present, four women's D2 conference.

The American College Rugby Association, ACRA, which numbers four women's D2 conferences in the Northeast, has announced that it will not hold a fall 15s championship.

The COVID-19 outbreak has made for restrictions on the campuses of many of the member colleges, and, in an announcement, ACRA said that canceling the fall season "is the safest course of action for all players, coaches, fans, and referees."

The announced went further:

"The cancellation of the fall championship, however, will not dampen our desire to continue the advancement of our teams and women’s rugby. Our Education Committee has been diligently working to plan interactive online sessions for coaches and players alike. This sessions will allow team members to collaborate and continue to grow despite required social distancing measures. We will be hosting sessions on many topics including but not limited to: attack and defense patterns, individual skills, fitness, academic planning, resume building, leadership, team bonding, and even a book club!"

Teams will also compete against each other in some challenges that aren't necessarily rugby related, but will keep the sense of competition going.

ACRA expects to run a spring 7s championship season, and said that every member team will be encouraged to enter more than one 7s team in any tournament. "[T]he 7s Championship will be structured with the goal of having as many players involved as possible at all levels. We are looking forward to seeing all teams play next spring and to crowning a new 7s champion! We will also work with teams that desire to play spring 15s to help match them up against opponents."

ACRA includes the Tri-State Conference, New England Wide Conference, Rugby Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic Rugby Conference, all Women D2.