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Washington Looks to Score at Great NW Challenge

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Washington Looks to Score at Great NW Challenge

Six highly-comeptent teams descend on Portland, Ore. for the Great Northwest Challenge Boys All-Star tournament.

The GNC also features a JV Boys, Varsity Girls and JV Girls bracket, making for a total of 19 teams facing off at Delta Park in Oregon's biggest city.

Southern California, Oregon, and Montana make up Pool A, a division of the competition which might make some shape their heads as Northern California, Washington, and Hawaii populate Pool B - a group that has to be considered the stronger.

NorCal, SoCal, Oregon, and Washington are in the JV competition.

Washington looks solid but perhaps doesn't have the sort of superstar power that have had in recent years (such as current Eagle Titi Lamositele). But with Matt Brennan (Seattle), Derise Fuga (Liberty), Brian Nault (Shelton) and Jonny Reid (Chuckanut), they have some players with high-level experience. 

"We are not full of stars but we are coming together alright," said Washington Head Coach Pete Sullivan. "We run our patterns and stick to our structures, we should be competitive. Buying into the culture is what an all-star program's all about, so as the players do that, we'll be fine."

Washington defeated Oregon in a warmup match earlier this spring.

In the JV bracket, Washington may have the edge in that they are bringing up some startling talent in that age group. Washington already beat Oregon in a warmup match, a result Sullivan attributed partly to his team getting an early assembly under their belt. The Washington team doesn't have too far to travel, and will look to David Ainuu (Prairie), Halleluiah Tiauli (Rainier) to pace the JV Loggers. Both are exciting talents.

Full Great Northwest Challenge Schedule









VARSITY BOYS POOL A Southern California      Oregon                           Montana

9:00 AM

 Varsity Boys           Southern California                                     vs.                          Montana  

JV Boys                   Oregon                              vs.                      Washington 

Varsity Girls           Northern California        vs.                            Montana 


VARSITY BOYS POOL B Northern California      Washington                    Hawaii

10:00 AM

JV Boys                    Northern California        vs.                            Southern California 

Varsity Boys           Northern California        vs.                              Hawaii 

Varsity Girls          Southern California        vs.                       Washington 


VARSITY GIRLS POOL A Northern California      Oregon                    Montana

11:00 AM

JV Girls                    Northern California       vs.                             Southern California

Varsity Girls              Oregon                             vs.                             Montana

Varsity Boys              Oregon                              vs.                             Montana


VARSITY GIRLS POOL B Southern California      Washington                    Oregon/NorCal

12:15 PM

Varsity Girls      Washington                     vs.                 Oregon/NorCal 

JV Boys                      Oregon                               vs.                               Southern California

Varsity Boys     Washington                     vs.                            Northern California


JR. VARSITY BOYS          Northern California     Southern California       Washington                   Oregon

1:15 PM

Varsity Girls              Oregon                              vs.                            Northern California 

JV Girls                     Oregon                             vs.                                Southern California

JV Boys               Washington                       vs.                            Northern California


JR. VARSITY GIRLS        Southern California       Northern California       Oregon

2:15 PM

College Exhibition

Varsity Boys              Oregon                               vs.                            Southern California

Varsity Girls            Southern California       vs.                  Oregon/NorCal



3:15 PM


Varsity Boys   Washington                    vs.                                Hawaii

JV Girls                     Northern California       vs.                              Oregon















8:00 AM

JV Boys                      Oregon                                vs.                            Northern Cal             (Match JVB1)





9:00 AM

JV Boys               Washington                       vs.                             Southern Cal              (Match JVB2)

Varsity Girls                    A1 vs. B2                     (Match GV1)

Varsity Girls                    B1 vs. A2                 (Match GV2)



10:00 AM

JV Girls                     Southern California       vs.                                Oregon 

Varsity Girls                      A3 vs. B3                   (Match GV3)

Varsity Boys                                  B1 vs. A2                 (Match BV2) 



11:00 AM

JV Boys 3/4                      #3 After Pool Play          vs.                                      #4 After Pool Play

Varsity Boys                     A1 vs. B2             (MatchBV1)

Varsity Boys                     A3 vs B3                     (Match BV3)



12:15 PM

Varsity Girls 5/6           Loser GV3                        vs.                                  Worse record of Loser GV1 and GV2

JV Girls                    Southern California        vs.                            Northern California

JV Boys - Final                        #1 After Pool Play                vs.                                     #2 After Pool Play



1:15 PM

Varisty Boys 5/6          Loser BV3                        vs.                                 Worse record of Loser BV1 and BV2

Varsity Boys 3/4         Winner BV3                       vs.                                     Best record of Loser BV1 and BV2

Varsity Girls - Final  Winner GV1                    vs.                             Winner GV2



2:15 PM

JV Girls                       Oregon                                          vs.                             Northern California

Varsity Girls 3/4       Winner GV3                    vs.                                     Best record of Loser GV1 and GV2

Varsity Boys - Final Winner BV1                     vs.                                Winner BV2