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NorCal Boys Look Ahead to GNC

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NorCal Boys Look Ahead to GNC

Northern California Executive Director Max Carney says his boys all-star teams are ready to take on a hugely competitive field at the Great Northwest Challenge Saturday in Portland, Ore.

Getting the teams to come together took a while, said Carney, "and we are still not quite there yet, but we should be very competitive with both [Varsity and JV] teams," he said.
The Varsity team hosts three High School All Americans in the front eight and three in the backs, with two more potentially in the mix for the HSAA tour to Argentina. NorCal is in a very competitive pool with Washington and Hawaii, and perhaps might be on track for a clash with Southern California, who are favored in Pool A.

"We are not taking any of the sides lightly," said Carney. "These are all-star teams for a reason, and every team up there could win out."

NorCal is missing about half-a-dozen players due to injuries and other commitments, a common-enough occurrence in select side rugby at every level. Their JV team is small in stature but speedy and skillful.

While, in the Varsity, "I think our Varsity will play a very fluid game. Without giving away our strategy, you can count on our players being very fit, and applying continuous pressure, both on offense and defense."

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