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Boys NIT Scores

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Boys NIT Scores

Gonzaga won the 2014 Boys NIT Single-School Championship May 17 in Elkhart, Ind.

At the same tournament, Cathedral won the HS Club bracket.

In Tier II, Jesuit B - the 2nd side of Jesuit of Sacramento, which had competed in the HS Club league in Northern California all year, defeated Brother Rice to win.

Two of the winners won by a single points.
Single-School Quarterfinals (May 15)
Jesuit 47-7 Brownsburg
Xavier 29-3 Greenwich
Gonzaga 32-26 Notre Dame de la Salette
Penn 52-17 St. Thomas Aquinas

Single-School Semifinals (May 16)
Jesuit 27-12 Xavier
Gonzaga 35-12 Penn
Single-School Consolation Semifinals (May 16)
La Salette 34-17 St. Thomas Aquinas
Breenwich 28-14 Brownsburg

Single School Final (May 17)
Gonzaga 27-26 Jesuit
Single-School 3rd/4th (May 17)
Penn 36-24 Xavier
Single-School Plate Final - 5th/6th (May 17) 
Notre Dame de la Salette 17-10 Greenwich

HS Club Quarterfinals (May 15)
Cathedral 24-17 Sierra Foothills
Danville 41-19 United
San Diego 42-29 KC Jr. Blues
Santa Monica 30-12 Charlotte

HS Club Semifinals (May 16)
Cathedral 12-7 Danville
Santa Monica 22-3 San Diego
HS Club Consolation Semifinals (May 16)
KC Jr Blues 41-3 Charlotte
United 43-21 Sierra Foothills
HS Club Championship Game (May 17)
Cathedral 14-0 Santa Monica
HS Club 3rd/4th (May 17)
Danville 24-12 San Diego
HS Club Player Final - 5th/6th (May 17)
KC Jr. Blues 25-22 United
HS Club 7th/8th (May 17)
Sierra Foothills 50-17 Charlotte
Tier II Quarterfinals (May 15)
Brother Rice 47-10 Pennzoga
North Bay 38-17 Maryland Exiles
Westerville 17-12 Orlando
Jesuit B 25-12 Fishers
Tier II Semifinals (May 16)
Brother Rice 17-14 North Bay
Jesuit B 33-10 Westerville
Tier II Consolation Semifinals (May 16)
Orlando 38-15 Fishers
Penn-Zaga 13-0 Maryland Exiles
Tier II Final (May 17)
Jesuit B 12-11 Brother Rice
Tier II 3rd/4th  (May 17)
North Bay 32-25 Westerville
Tier II Cons Final (May 17)
Orlando 24-10 Pennzoga
Tier II 7th/8th (May 17)
Fishers 26-25 Maryland Exiles