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Women All Americans Picked to Face Ontario

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Women All Americans Picked to Face Ontario

USA Rugby'a Women Collegiate All-Americans have named their squad to face the Ontario Storm Friday night at the University of Toronto, Scarbarough rugby pitch.

Head coach Martha Daines brings an experience side on the 2014 Canada tour. The WCAA team features several returning players including fullback and captain Erin Overcash, second row Bailey Johnson and front row Baylee Annis. Plus a batch of new comers like Nicole Benedetti and Megan Foster to round out a solid touring side to face the Canadians.

Ontario looks to use the two-game series as a warmup for their Canadian National Women's League Championship series. Last year saw the Storm come in second place in the NWLC and both coach Kevin Jones and captain Cindy Nelles look to make a run at the to spot in this years championship.

USA Collegiant All-Americans Roster for July 18, 2014

1. Catie Benson (Penn State)
2. Jessica Lewis (Cal)
3. Baylee Annis (Norwich)
4. Hayley Schaefer (AIC)
5. Bailey Johnson (Minnesota St. Cloud)
6. Erika Pedarsan (U.S. Navy Academy)
7. Hannah Bell (Norwich)
8. Jordan Grey (BYU)
9. Shelby Lin (Harvard)
10. Megan Foster (Chico State)
11. Natalie Kosko (Quinepiac)
12. Anne Peterson (Washington State University)
13. Amy Naber (University of Arizona)
14. Kristan Thomas ( Central Florida University)
15. Erin Overcash (Glendale)

16. Christy Haney (University of Virginia)
17. Maxine Fonua (Stanford)
18. Rosie Russell (Cal)
19. Mel Olman (Malloy College)
20. Nicole Benedetti (West Chester University)
21. Lara Gartner ( Georgia Tech)
22. Ellena Cantorna (Penn State)
23. Steph Goetz (James Madison)
24. Madison Williams ( Northern Colorado State)
25. Sbrina Kraft (Cal State Fullerton)

Ontario Storm Roster for July 18, 2014

1. Ashley Snider (Waterloo County)
2. Gilliam Pegg (Aurora Barbarians)
3. Briana Cunningham (Waterloo County)
4. Fedelia Omoghan (Toronto Saracens)
5. Britt Kassil (Guelph Redcoats)
6. MacKenzie Fane (Aurora Barbarians)
7. Jordyn Rowntree (Aurora Barbarians)
8. Cindy Nelles (Oakville Crusaders), captain
9. Britt Douglas (Peterborough Pagans)
10. Mackenzie Higgs (Aurora Barbarians)
11. Louise Chen (Toronto Scottish)
12. Sarah Guttin (Waterloo County)
13. Sara Svoboda (Belleville Bulldogs)
14. Rebecca Matheson (Fergus Highland)
15. Stephanie Black (Oakville Crusaders)

16. Emily Barber (Lindsay RFC)
17. Erinne Vargas (Waterloo County)
18. Misha Maric (Markham Irish)
19. Alex Grant (Markham Irish)
20. Loren Baldwin (Kingston Panthers)
21. Morganne Linthewaite (Fergus Highland)
22. Sydney Mann (Aurora Barbarians)
23. Katie Svoboda (Bellevue Bulldogs)
24. Lori Josephson (Oakville Crusaders)
25. Emily Ricketts (Oakville Crusaders)