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University Tags Ordway as Athlete of the Week

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University Tags Ordway as Athlete of the Week

Although only a sophomore, Danielle Ordway is a familiar name on campus. For the third time in her short career, Davenport University has named Ordway as the Female Athlete of the Week. Chosen by the athletic director and media department, the Lowell, Mich., native is the only rugby player who has received this honor.

It was the wing’s five tries in the Panthers’ 85-0 win over Ferris State that piqued the AD’s attention, but those figures fall in line with Ordway’s stats. A crossover track and soccer star, Ordway led the team in points (170) and tries (28) during last season’s 15s and 7s seasons.

“What separates her from a lot of girls is that she is a natural athlete and gifted with exceptional speed,” Davenport coach Greg Teliczan said. “Danny is a very smart player and has a knack for hitting the line at the right time. Danny runs hard and is very, very shifty, so she creates a lot of space.”

Her talent didn’t escape national age-grade scouts, and Ordway was named to the Women Junior All American team that competed against the Canada U20s last month.

“Since coming back from the WJAAs, she has grown more confident with herself and is not trying to over-think situations,” Teliczan noted.

If Ordway’s trajectory continues in the direction of her try tally, then she’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience the upper levels of the game, and will probably rack up a few more Athlete of the Week nods in the process.

Davenport plays DI Michigan tomorrow at home. Check back to see what role Ordway plays in the game and how the DII team squares up against the Big 10 side.