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DIA for Women?

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DIA for Women?

Reports are that USA Rugby is looking into developing a DIA division for women's college rugby.

DIA already exists for the men. It was started in 2011 as the College Premier League and then renamed the College Premier Division, before being renamed again as DIA.

The division has expanded and contracted with the men, as the vision for it has changed from a small, elite group of teams to a larger group of conferences.

For the women, the model might well be different. Certainly individual teams are still looking for tough competition in conferences where they win fairly comfortably most of the time.

With the same teams (usually Penn State and Stanford) getting to the national final every year, perhaps teams would like to play those two programs more often in order to raise the standard.

As always, one of the big hurdles is a financial one. Can women's programs support the increased travel that a DIA would likely require?

Then there's the question of whether a DIA should be small, keeping only the very best teams that have staying power, or should it be expanded to include entire conferences, even if the bottom ends of those conferences are not strong?

Currently USA Rugby reps are looking into the feasibility of a DIA.