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All American Backs Gallop to Win

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All American Backs Gallop to Win

The Women's Collegiate All Americans hammered the Ontario Junior Storm women's side, a mostly U20 team, 63-7 to round out their Canadian assembly.

The All Americans were in command early and showed some unselfish play and smart ball movement throughout, even when the subs ran in.

Flyhalf Anne Peterson, normally a center but starting in the #10 jersey, scored a try early and set up several more. The capped Eagle ended up with two tries, as did capped fullback Erin Overcash, wing Kristan Thomas (who also scored in the first game on Friday), and West Chester center Nicole Benedetti.

Thanks to the two tries from Peterson and two from Benedetti, along with scores from Overcash and center Lara Gartner of Georgia Tech, the All Americans led 34-7 at halftime.

They kept up the barrage in the second half, with Thomas getting her brace, wing Steph Goetz of James Madison and scrumhalf Elena Cantorna touching down, and then Overcash finishing it off.

No forwards scored for the All Americans, and every single starting back scored at least one try.

All Americans Lineup v Ontario I20s

1 Maxine Fonua (Stanford)
2 Jessica Lewis (Cal)
3 Christy Haney (University of Virginia)
4 Rosie Russell (Cal)
5 Bailey Johnson (Minnesota St. Cloud)
6 Madison Williams (Northern Colorado)
7 Melissa Olman (Malloy)
8 Erika Pederson (US Naval Academy)
9 Elena Cantorna (Penn State)
10 Anne Peterson (Washington State)
11 Steph Goetz (James Madison University)
12 Lara Gartner (Georgia Tech)
13 Nicole Benedetti (West Chester)
14 Kristan Thomas (Central Florida)
15 Erin Overcash (Glendale)


16 Baylee Annis (Norwich)
17 Catie Benson (Penn State)
18 Hayley Schaefer (AIC)
19 Megan Foster (Chico State)
20 Shelby Lin (Harvard)
21 Amy Naber (Arizona)
22 Hannah Bell (Norwich)
23 Sabrina Kraft (Cal State Fullerton)