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SWC Starts Up With Tourney

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SWC Starts Up With Tourney

The Southwest Conference kicks off this weekend with a pre-season tournament. All six teams will be in attendance, playing three shortened, 40-minute games.

In Pool A, Texas A&M, Houston, and host Rice face off. In Pool B is Texas State, Stephen F. Austin, and North Texas.

Each team plays the other two in the pool for two 40-minute games, and then the teams are ranked 1-2-3 in their pool. A#1 plays B#1, and so forth.

“This is a very good way for us to start the season,” said A&M Director of Rugby Craig Coates, whose team will play in the SWC and also in the DIA Red River Conference. “We will give all of our payers game time, which is what it’s about.”

The regular SWC season starts October 4.