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Oklahoma Offense v Texas Defense in Dallas

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Oklahoma Offense v Texas Defense in Dallas

After just two weeks of the Red River Conference season, a Big Game is upon us as Texas hosts Oklahoma in a somewhat neutral site of Dallas Friday evening.
Texas has already handled TCU and Baylor, while OU has defeated Baylor and Texas A&M. At 2-0, each has accomplished this differently. Oklahoma has earned their 2-0 record with offense, averaging over 50 points a game, but giving up over 30. Texas has done it with defense, allowing just 13 points in the two matches.
Longhorns Coach Chris Hopps sees the Oklahoma attack and is concerned.
“We are massive underdogs,” Hopps said. “OU is bigger stronger and faster than us. They have been posting huge scores. We will have to be firing 100% to even keep up.”
For Oklahoma, captain Michael Al-Jiboori, who is having an excellent season, knows the meaning.
“This game is huge!” he enthused. “Senior year, the biggest rivalry between two schools, and the beautiful game of rugby. They all combine to make this a much-anticipated and built-up weekend. I have never lost to UT on one of these Red River rivalry nighttime games, and I don't intend to tomorrow.”

Oklahoma has a very young team, with most of the roster freshmen and sophomores as Head Coach Jason Horowitz has worked hard to expand the Sooners’ depth.
“I’ll continue to try and be the spark for my young team in any way I can,” added Al-Jiboori. “I expect many players to rise to the hype and play well. Playing under the lights in Dallas make the event so premier for all who are watching and playing. I'm excited.”

Hopps knows that it’s going to come down to defense.

“We have to tackle better,” said the Texas coach, this despite the strong defensive showing so far. “And we have to spread the field on defense.”