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NCRC Sends Select Side to Portland

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NCRC Sends Select Side to Portland

The Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference has put together a select roster to play the Portland Pigs men's team in an exhibition during the Great Northwest Challenge HS all-star tournament this weekend in Portland, Ore.

This is the beginning of a plan to have college teams participate in the GNC each summer. Only one player from champions Central Washington University is on the roster, but that, said NCRC Commissioner Matt Hudson, was due more to timing than anything else.

"A lot of players who couldn't be involved this time around have expressed interest in being full participants next year, so we are all excited that this will conitnue to grow," said Hudson.

NCRC All-Star Roster 

Austin Alley (UI)

Joe Armstrong (UW)

Ian Brown (EWU)

Peyton Bruton (OSU)

Sam Carroll (WWU)

Connor Crossley (UO)

Cal Elam (WSU)

Bryson Finlay (WSU)

Matt Gillette (OSU)

Ryan Glendenning (WWU)

Brady Harrington (UO)

Steve Hutchison (UO)

Nate Kimmel (OSU)

Taylor Krumnei (UO)

Tusapa Laolagi (WSU)

Anton Matschek (UO)

John Ray (CWU)

Konstantin Reihbein (UW)

Garrett Reynolds (UO)

Wes Silvey (EWU)

Josh Vizcaya (WSU)

Dougal Watson (OSU)