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ECRC Clash Highlights Weekend

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ECRC Clash Highlights Weekend

After weeks of posting impressive scores against fellow ECRC opponents, AIC and Boston College get to meet each other.

And they get to this meeting traveling two different paths.

AIC scored tries. A lot of tries. In going 4-0 the Yellowjackets have averaged over 60 points a game. Christian Adams has scored seven tries in those four games, and Jihad Khabir scored six. Bryce Neff has scored 68 points.

Meanwhile Boston College is 3-0 thanks to their defense, holding teams to 21 points in those three games.

“We have scored a lot, but we’re pretty proud of our defense,” warned AIC Head Coach Josh Macy. “We’ve got backs who can finish, but we have a great group of forwards. It’s just that we haven’t had games where we don’t have the ball a lot. That’s why we’re looking forward to this game.”

Both teams are eager to see themselves as underdogs. Macy noted that BC has been getting as many as 80 players at training and will bring a tough defense. BC Head Coach Rob Conway looks at the AIC offense and sees a power.

“They are a big, physical team, and they have a ton of speed in the backs,” said Conway.

Last year the two teams met in a tight contest won by AIC 20-10. In that game, AIC got two early intercept tries, and struggled to score after that. Macy says his team was lucky. Conway says this is proof that AIC can score out of nothing.

“What we have going for us though is consistency,” said Conway. “We lost only three seniors so we have been able to keep working on a solid define. We’ve had to work to have some guys kind of un-learn some of the things guy learn in football.”

Top players for BC has been different every week. Conway said that’s an indication of how cohesive a team it is.

Still flyhalf Connor Shaw and wing Daniel Schatzman have been impressive in the backs, and captain Patrick Rockwell along with freshman William Hock have played well up front. They will have to. AIC, with Adams, Kurtis Werner, and Adrian Ray are explosive in backs. Khabir has emerged as a very effective flyhalf in his freshman year. Corey Momsen and Jamal Hadley lead a tough forward pack.

In the end, AIC has pride in their defense but will bring the scoring. Boston College defends superbly, but have Joey D’Antonio kicking very well from the tee.

It’s a clash of styles, and the biggest game of the ECRC season.