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College Eligibility Regulations Revised

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College Eligibility Regulations Revised

USA Rugby has made a few changes to the College Eligibility Regulations.

The changes have to do with players in graduate school who have not used up their eligibility.

The revised regulations now allow a player to continue playing college rugby even if he or she changes teams between undergraduate and graduate school. Therefore, as long as a student has not used up his or her five years of eligibility, and the player is within seven years of graduating from high school, and is a full-time graduate student, then he or she can play college rugby.

“The change in the eligibility regulations allows students who have graduated in a timely manner to pursue their academic objectives at an appropriate academic institution for their graduate studies without sacrificing their collegiate eligibility,” explained USA Rugby Collegiate Director Rich Cortez. “The perspective they can bring to another institution or their fellow rugby athletes can be an invaluable part of their education and the teams they choose to join.”

Players who take this path still need to fill out a waiver when they transfer between teams.

Collegiate eligibility regulations are here: http://usarugby.org/college-eligibility