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Canadians Strong at Viking 7s

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Canadians Strong at Viking 7s

Day Two of the Viking 7s at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. sees the playoff rounds beginning.

The tournament attracted an impressive group of contenders, and also included a unique twist to the seeding that made things a little more competitive for the smaller teams.

In Pool A, University of British Columbia, WWU, Washington State, and UBC-Okanagan faced off. In Pool B University of Victoria, University of Washington, UBC-2nds, and Western Oregon competed, and in Pool C were Central Washington, Oregon State, Cal State Long Beach, and U. Victoria ends.

Three very competitive pools with excellent programs, including two teams that had won the Las Vegas Invitational, and another finalist of that tournament. In Pool D, however, was Western Washington ends, Pacific University, UBC-Okanagan 2nds, and Reed College.

The idea, said tournament director and WWU Coach Adam Roberts, was to give the Pool D teams competitive matches on the first day. Having, say, Pacific face UBC on Day One could be a mismatch, and thus would discourage the smaller teams, rather than allow them to play into the rhythm of the tournament.

The Pool D teams still had a path to a trophy, as they would then move on to the Bowl with the bottom four teams from the other pools.

UBC 43 WWU 12
UBC-O 19 WSU 7
UVic 35 Washington 0
UBC-2 22 WOU 0
CWU 46 OSU 0
UVic-2 12 Long Beach 7
WWU-2 14 Pacific 10
UBC-O-2 27 Reed 5
WWU 24 OBC-O 5
UBC 48 WSU 7
UVic 58 WOU 0
UBC-2 24 Washington 5
UVic-2 22 CWU 7
Long Beach 46 OSU 5
WWU-2 12 Reed 5
Pacific 19 UBC-O-2 5
WSU 24 WWU 12
UBC 50 UBC-O 0
UVic 22 UBC-2 0
Washington 36 WOU 7
CWU 35 Long Beach 0
UVic-2 29 OSU 5
UBC-O-2 15 WWU-2 5
Pacific 22 Reed 0

That left the standings as follows
Pool A
UBC-O (Seeded #9)
WSU (Seeded #10)

Pool B
Washington (Seeded #8)
WOU (Seeded #11)

Pool C
Long Beach (Seeded #7)
OSU (Seeded #12)

Pool D
Pacific (#13)
WWU-2 (#14)
UBC-O-2 (#15)
Reed (#16)

Long Beach State and Washington cracked the top eight thanks to having better points difference (+1 for CSULB and -25 for UW) than UBC-Okanagan (who had a -47).

So Sunday’s playoffs rounds look like this:
Bowl QFs:
UBC-O v Reed
OSU v Pacific

Cup QFs:
UBC v Washington
UVic-2 v WWU
UVic v Long Beach
UBC-2 v Central Washington