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Buffalo Steps Up a Level in Opener v KU

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Buffalo Steps Up a Level in Opener v KU

The Rugby East league season starts with weekend with just one match, as Buffalo travels to Kutztown.

Kutztown is considered, at the moment, possibly the strongest team in the ACRC and among the top six or seven teams in the country. Their sweep of two powerful Ontario colleges last weekend did nothing to dispel that idea.

But that's what University of Buffalo Head Coach Mike Hodgins wants. UB moved from the Empire Conference, where they were 4-5 in 2013, to the Rugby East for just this kind of game.

"We want to be challenged and play at the best level possible," said Hodgins. "You don't get better unless you play better games."

Led by captain and lock Colin Tucker, Buffalo has plenty of potential. They beat Notre Dame College in a close one a couple of weeks ago, but then were dropped 36-8 by Ohio State last week. That was a weird one, in that it was only 7-0 OSU at halftime, and Buffalo scored a try and a penalty to lead 8-7 in the second half. It was only in the final 20 minutes that the Buckeyes really took control, turning a 12-8 nailbiter into something of a rout.

Hodgins called it a good learning experience as his team takes the step up to DIA.

This weekend promises to be a learning experience, too. UB is not favored, but at the same time, has nothing to loose.