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AAs to Love Paris in the Springtime

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AAs to Love Paris in the Springtime

Powerhouse Life prop Paris Hollis gets his chance to run over some Cambridge University defenders on Saturday for the All Americans, and it could be the start of some bigger things for the 22-year-old.


After a long 15s season followed by 7s for Life University, the North Carolina native might be excused for being a shade tired, but he's ready to go, partnering with Angus McLellan of Davenport and Peter Malcolm of Wheeling Jesuit in an intriguing front row.


"I have recovered pretty well" Hollis said of the post-CRC period. "I got about a week-and-a-half off after the CRC to recover so that was nice. It was still a bit tough transitioning back to 15s from 7s ... but it's nothing I'm not used to - training hard is what we're all about at Life so I thank them for the mental fortitude to keep going after a long year."


Hollis would have liked to have finished with a double championship - instead the Running Eagles were 2nd in DIA and lost in the CRC semis to Kutztown. 


"That's given me a lot of fire to keep getting better and improving as a player, so in that aspect losing has helped me a lot because I want to get better so I don't have that feeling again," Hollis added. "I would love to make an impact on this [All American] team, as I feel everyone would, and position myself to get a look for the national team - as should be everyone's goal. So I'll definitely work harder with that in mind."


Hollis said representing your country at any level is an honor and it's something he's grateful for. An extremely green player with physical gifts but not a lot of rugby knowledge, he has continued to work hard and show through his 7s play that he has the fitness and pace, as well as the power.


"I'm just really grateful for the opportunity thanks to my coaches and mates at Life," he said. "With the All-Americans is awesome it's my second time so I'm a bit used to the setup. But the coaches are awesome. Coach Sherman and Coach Gavin [Hickie], our forwards coach, have instilled some new things in to me and have helped me get better as a player, so I really like that. I feel that a major part of being with the All Americans is really being a sponge and learning from other coaches. You can never learn enough as a player and I honestly learn something new every practice. Also Coach Eloff and Coach Rob with defense especially help me a lot as well." 


At this point in the season, added the prop, no one is 100%. It's been a long school year and a long season. With 7s and 15s season the way they are, many players have been playing since September. 


"I'm feeling pretty well - just sore, but that's nothing; you really get over that representing your country," said Hollis. "The coaching staff has been managing us very well and looking after our bodies. So we are all primed and ready to get after it. 


I really like the vibe on the team everyone gets along. It's cool seeing a couple of the same faces from last year but also almost the whole team is new faces so it's been good to get to know others. Everyone gets along its like we have been playing together for awhile already. Of course I know the Ark St guys very well playing them every year and the St. Mary's guys so it's been a smooth transition when you play for country it's a lot easier to gel together with a common goal we all want to represent the USA well."