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7s Record-Setter

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7s Record-Setter

(Ian Muir photo)


Well we will write more on Zack Test later in this series, but Zack Test is virtually untouched in the records he holds for the USA team. Most tournaments - 48. He's set to make his 50th in Las Vegas (how great is that?). That's a testament to his durability. He's been part of the team since the 2008-2009 season.

Most points 541. That's not a huge number, but it puts Test among the list of all-time leaders, and no one ele is anywhere near.

Most tries 107. Only a few years ago the record was 47 held by Jovesa Naivalu, who played for the USA in 2000-2003. It took a very long time for that number to be eclipsed, but since doing so, Test had exploded past the 50 mark to over 100. At 107 he is 20th all-time, an impressive ranking considering that most of those in the list of all-time leaders have played for teams that win, and score, a lot more than the USA has. With a decent scoring rate for the rest of the season, he could crack the top 15.