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Men DI College Rankings Spring 2017 Week #1

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Men DI College Rankings Spring 2017 Week #1

Michael Geib photo.

Goff Rugby Report has a new set of men's college DI rankings, now including all teams that play 15s through the year.

This ranking includes teams that played DIA and DIAA in the fall, and also those set to play in the spring. This is based heavily on historical results, so expect these rankings to shift over time.



2016-17 Spring All-DI Men College Rankings
Rank Team Conference
1 California PAC (DIA, VC)
2 Life Mid-South (DIA)
3 Saint Mary's California Conf. (DIA)
4 BYU Independent (DIA)
5 Central Washington Independent (VC)
6 Penn State Rugby East (DIA, VC)
7 Notre Dame College Independent (DIAA)
8 Indiana Big Ten (DIA)
9 Lindenwood Mid-South (DIA)
10 Davenport Mid-South (DIA)
11 Army Rugby East (DIA, VC)
12 Arkansas State Mid-South (DIA, VC)
13 Bowling Green MAC (DIAA)
14 Wisconsin Big Ten (DIA)
15 Ohio State Big Ten (DIA)
18 Utah PAC (DIA, VC)
19 UC-Davis Pacific West (DIAA
20 Cal Poly California Conf. (DIA)
21 Arizona PAC (DIA)
22 Arizona State PAC (DIA, VC)
23 San Diego State California Conf. (DIA)
24 Cal State Long Beach Gold Coast (DIAA)
25 Lindenwood-Belleville Independent (DIAA)
26 James Madison Chesapeake (DIAA)
27 Boston College ECRC (DIAA)
28 Wheeling Jesuit Rugby East (DIA)
29 Kutztown Rugby East (DIA)
30 Iona Rugby East (DIA)
31 Colorado State DIA West (DIA)
32 Air Force DIA West (DIA)
33 Navy Independent (VC)
34 Dartmouth Ivy League (DIAA, VC)
35 Alabama SCRC (DIAA)
36 Tennessee SCRC (DIAA)
37 Kentucky SCRC (DIAA)
38 Colorado DIA West (DIA)
39 Mt. St. Mary's Chesapeake (DIAA)
40 Oklahoma Red River (DIA, VC)
41 South Carolina SCRC (DIAA)
42 Western Washington NCRC (DIAA)
43 Washington NCRC (DIAA)
44 Missouri Heart of America (DIAA)
45 Baylor Red River (DIA)
46 Cincinnati MAC (DIAA)
47 LSU Red River (DIA)
48 St. Joseph's Keystone (DIAA)
49 Arkansas Red River (DIA)
50 Sacramento State Pacific West (DIAA